Sunday, 9 December 2012

how hard and fun in learning those things..

it's had been 3 months since i entered this course,physiotherapy. it's very fun but at the same time ,always give me headache.
i am very sure those physiotherapy outside there experienced the same thing i had experienced.
you know,i was came from religious and girls school. so i was felt really hard to adapt with this new environment. what's new?

1) most time when learn anatomy we have to expose ourselves(luckily we are separated with  boys during practical.)

2)meet new friends. some of them i was not comfortable  at first . but now i love them so much.

3)awesome lecturers.

4)have to become really brave especially when during our practical. throw away the shyness.

5)i am a sportswoman right now. swimming, jogging,cycling ,aerobic is my routine to increase our fitness.


pray for me and my friends for our final examination.:)

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Change professions to Physiotherapist


how fun we are in our class.Alhamdulillah.So far i had learnt many new anatomical terms,
body posture,exercise therapy,applied physics for physio,and etc.
Our first class was full of surprise! we,sisters blushing and felt like wanted to just close our eyes.
But for the sake of knowledge we bear it.
see the picture up there? yeah.that's what we watched and learnt.
i will said it's not easy,but it is fun and full of dramatic events.

Starting now,must struggle . Success path is not easy! 

Monday, 17 September 2012

memoirs of a cfs iium student

 it's a long time since i updating this blog.sorry for  being so lazy .
now i am iium's kuantan student! ALHAMDULILLAH. Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons)!

ALLAH gives everything what i asked from HIM even though i behave so bad. Thanks to Allah.
during in cfs,there's a lot sweet ,sour ,salty, and bitter memories. i still remember how i had to 
repeat my biology paper. it's a shameful thing. but i had the encouragement to success
in whatever i take part. i must finish my task! i threw away the shamefulness . i endure it!
ALLAH S.W.T, really love me.

there's also many good things that happened. i got what i need the most.
In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. 
Bill Cosby
broga from top
by the way,i also went to Broga Hill which is situated in Semenyih. At first i did not expect to hike until the was tiring and my heart felt like wanted to burst out. i said to myself,FATIMAH,you can do it! 
many event that i had encountered so far in cfs iium.
the most i miss is tallaqi by Al fadhil Uz.Muhadir.
the way he taught us is very beautiful. the best mu'alim ever.

cfs is the place where i learn many useful things. thanks to all my lecturers.

Experience is the teacher of all things. 
Julius Caesar