Sunday, 9 December 2012

how hard and fun in learning those things..

it's had been 3 months since i entered this course,physiotherapy. it's very fun but at the same time ,always give me headache.
i am very sure those physiotherapy outside there experienced the same thing i had experienced.
you know,i was came from religious and girls school. so i was felt really hard to adapt with this new environment. what's new?

1) most time when learn anatomy we have to expose ourselves(luckily we are separated with  boys during practical.)

2)meet new friends. some of them i was not comfortable  at first . but now i love them so much.

3)awesome lecturers.

4)have to become really brave especially when during our practical. throw away the shyness.

5)i am a sportswoman right now. swimming, jogging,cycling ,aerobic is my routine to increase our fitness.


pray for me and my friends for our final examination.:)

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