Monday, 1 November 2010

patient n passion in learning

its very long time since i update my blog.huhu..finally sem 2 in uiam had came.just english class had already started. the truth i am not sincere enter english class. i dont know why? maybe i am the repeater. hah so shameful. why i cannot exit the stage? i keep ask this question. plus my final result 4 exams , very very bad. why could i gained something like others. first i was depressed with those result. but damai hanifa said we must husnuzonn with our creator,ALLAH S.W.T. i istigfar. hmm. i thought properly. yes. that was my fault cuz i did not study really hard like other. i did many sinful things. did not listen to my parents,sister. i can do it better actually.its just me that dont want to do it much better. now i realize. ALLAH wants me to appreciate what i have. don't despair girl. i believe in future i will get what i had leaved behind. i became really lazy since i did not get 9A'S in pmr. i just got 8A'S. i felt the greatest disappointed ever in my life. started from that point i dislike study n exam. it hurt me so much. i felt how stupid that time. really not matured . i want to change now.lets doa for me.i can do it. no matter what happens i will stand up again to fight this world. examination determine smart people. remember!!! i dont want to study  cuz of exams only. the words from my ustazah" belajar kerana ALLAH dan untuk memajukan agama islam yg tercinta. until now. see u next time

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