Thursday, 22 March 2012

don't dwell on the past, live the present to the fullest =)


assalamualaikum .
Today was very fun learnt Biology topic on reproduction of plant.Besides that Taxonomy become
my favorite one although there are so many things to memorize.
I had learnt that in this world not only human want to live happily but also plant,protists,marine life even bacteria want to have their own
 place in this world.

sea cucumber
If you feel that you are the worst,think back that others more worse than you.
You can still eat even you don't get full mark in quiz,you can still sleep even you not submit your assignment yet,you still can play soccer even you have problem with you friend.
That's mean we are given the equal  freedom .Depend on you,how you want to make it.

Face your problem,don't run lively .Be happy.


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