Saturday, 14 January 2012

How to deal with stubborn,brilliant kid?

I had met with someone like i mention above.
Huh..truly difficult to explain anything to this person,
until i said to her "do whatever you want",
Actually it's not the right way to attract or dakwah her toward Islam,but I am
just a human.
My patient has a limit.
Can you suggest me the way to guide her?

I hope there will be someone that can stay with her,and make her impressive with  the 
words of Islam.
I love this friendship so much. She is a very unique girl ever that
i had met.

Sometimes she is selfish,i had talked to her about this,but she
replied me with ,"In this world,there are various types of people,let me be the alone one
cause i don't like to show off".

I hope Allah S.W.T open her heart and guide her to the right path.

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