Tuesday, 5 April 2011

dedication to the people whom i love



alhamdulillah praise to ALLAH for giving me all these nikmat.

human always not satisfy with what they owned.why? because it is fitrah. but it can be controlled with iman and taqwa in our hearts. right?

just now,i remembered something. one of my friends had said  "be glad upon ALLAH. You have what others do not have, if you do not get what you want, its ok. THAT'S not your turn yet."

even i am not from dean list student(of course i want it badly ),i am happy cause i have kind hearted and beautiful mother,a caring father,  a thoughtful  along,a special achik, a cute and hardworking cah and a brutal but tough adik a.k.a minah, a funny sister in law a.k.a kak izza, a  adorable and brilliant niece.

thank you my love.(family)..hahahah i want to cry just now.miss you all so much.

to aida, my best friend in elementary school, may ALLAH cure your disease and you will get well soon so you can achieve your dream to be a doctor. i was really shocked when my mom told me that you are not able to stand,sit or eat on your own self .  i miss you dear.

to diyana: i miss you too. i want to meet you soon or later before i leaving for main campus in kuantan,since you are in shah alam,let's meet dear.    

to izzah ,nik: be patient and bear with all the difficulties. i pray to ALLAH, that you will become a good doctor.

to ainna: in whatever you do , all the best dear:)

to ada@ syuhada: all the best and i know you also will be a great doctor. hope u also will be my auntie :p

to izzati: zati,believe in ALLAH and yourself. i know its hard to be far away from family,home and friends.but remember you are the luckiest one cause  among us , u are the one that choose to be there and your dream to be there also had achieved. you can learn more than anatomy,physiology ,biochem and etc . you are in barakah place. you can see with your own eyes the history of pharaoh and prophet moses  . :)

DOCTOR IZZATI! YOU had promised me and huda to help us deliver our babies right? keep that ok.

miss lawyer@ huda: no matter what people said to you,stand up and don't give up. you are the best. hhahahah . our promised that you will be my photographer during my wedding ..polish your talent,babe.

cek nor n family: i always messed  up..sorry hihihihi thank you muahhh..muahh
Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love.

To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.

to my beloved mom: you are superwoman ever. even you are suffering from cancer, you still strong like always. no , more strong . you had taught me many things . i love u so much mak. really want to sleep in your arms like always i do. want to hug u so much. want to cook delicious food for u . want to  take a stroll along greenery field wit u.want to plant flower with u. and want to bring u to see snow. insyallah.

to ayah: stop finding budak boy for me dad. i don't want to get marry with rmc boy.hahahahaah totally objection. by the way, let ALLAH gives me the best.

to roomates: ika,shiha,siti, you are the best ever. look right now you are studying hardly. hardworking as always. may ALLAH bless u girls. :)

time to study.mathematics is waiting . oh, my teachers in mmp,skip(1), lecturers in cfsiium, thank u so much. you had made me become a better person everyday.


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