Thursday, 8 December 2011

Dietitian to be


2 last weeks my family n i went to Johor Bharu for visiting my aunt n uncle that had just came back from hajj.

i really amazed of her high spirit during hajj. You know its not easy task , we perform a very important ibadah n of course its required a sincere heart. My aunt,we called her cek jan, 2 years ago she was attacked by stroke n almost paralyze. Now she can walk like usual n healthy again.Thanks to ALLAH S.W.T.

Whatever had happened to us,even the terminal illness come to us,don't let our guard down. I am really a weak person.Sometimes I asked myself if i at my mom's place( cancer survivor),can I face all sort of painful treatments like chemotherapy,surgery and have to take many kinds of medicine.Subhanallah.

How to explain to others when you are not able to sit in the painful state? again and again.No one can understand except Allah,our creator .

Alhamdulillah now my mom is getting better.I decide to be a dietitian(  develop modified diets, participate in research, and educate individuals and groups on good nutritional habits.[1][2] The goals of dietitians are to provide medical nutritional intervention, and to obtain, safely prepare, serve and advise on flavorsome, attractive, and nutritious food for patients, groups and communities. Dietary modification to address medical issues involving dietary intake is a major part of dietetics (the study of nutrition as it relates to health). For example, working in consultation with physicians and other health care providers, a dietitian may provide specific artificial nutritional needs to patients unable to consume food normally. Professional dietitians may also provide specialist services such as in diabetesobesityoncology,osteoporosis, pediatrics, renal disease, and micronutrient research.[) wikipedia.

Why? because now i am fat and i want to know more about food. What? FOOD. everybody loves eating. I want to be a slim and healthy . arghhh ! I tired of being called fat and big. During primary school i had been bullied by some boys.They called me fatso,gemok,buncit n whatever the impolite words toward me.So i am in progressing to be slim. I hope i can swim because i really love it but u know,its difficult to find swimming pool in kelantan. 

Pray for me my friends . Hope my dream come true. Not just that reason why i want to be a dietitian but most people nowadays do not know what they eat. alright or not,good or bad . I want to take the responsible to teach the community how to eat wisely. Many of my friends take medical,engineering ,law courses,but none of them involve IN this work.INSYALLAH. i will.:) 

I try hard to control the intake of carbohydrates . it will kill yourself if u are not aware.

see u. 

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